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To God Be The Glory

This painting was commissioned by the Armenian Evangelical Union, Fresno, CA. It is now located at the AEUNA (Armenian Evangelical Union of North America) offices in Glendale, CA.

In the background is Mount Ararat, an identifying Armenian symbol. The painting can be read from left to right as it travels from the Armenian Church’s beginning, in 305 A.D., to present.

Saint Mesrop Mashtotz, creator of the Armenian alphabet who translated the Bible in 405 A.D., is seated at the left. Arches are used as sacred doors of spiritual light that connect through time. The torch is evangelism.

The painting itself is intended as a door to remembrance and a path to meditation.

To God Be the Glory—72 x 54 in.

To God Be the Glory—72 x 54 in.