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On The Edge

Lilies of the Field series was inspired by a poem Lucy’s friend, Verna Smith, wrote while visiting the Golan Heights,
Israel. She saw man-made barbed wire, symbols of war, laced with God’s beautiful lilies of the field.

Lucy added doves or butterflies to symbolize an escape into freedom.

With Verna Smith’s permission, we share with you her poem:

“Lilies of the Field” by Verna G. Smith

I saw the lilies of the field growing in the Golan Heights
Anemones among the tall coils of barbed wire
Incongruous, I thought at the time,
A younger woman caring for those about her.

But now, here I am. Almost 81;
A lily of the field whose Father cares for me,
For I am not the caretaker that I used to be.
Just growing beautiful in the field
This ancient flower
Of wind and breath
Barbed wire of hellish war
All about me.

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